With our boards, our focus is to make the entry into the fascinating sport of windsurfing as easy as possible. During the development of the PP-boards are was taken to produce boards with an expansive range so that they are functional for both beginners and intermediate sailors alike. As such, we have met the needs of windsurfing schools and their students, wanting a stable and durable board that guarantees fast learning progress.


all about hejfly

hejfly GmbH was founded by Rainer häberle, Elmar edelmann und Klaus jocham!
Using their initials to combine with fly, to make the name of the brand.


With his commercial background as CEO of Häberle GmbH, Rainer (left) has a vast amount of experience in moulding and manufacturing - a vital element in the make up of hejfly GmbH. In addition, he is an enthusiastic windsurfer and is oft en found enjoying the sport in Fuerteventura.


Elmar, CEO of hejfly (middle) brings his extensive knowledge about windsurf boards to the team, which he acquired working for Fa. Rotex / Hifl y since 1980. Technology in plasti cs, toolmaking and the engineering process are just as intricate and important as the complete product management for him. As in the past, board development is done in close conjunction with Munich Surfline.


Klaus (right) is the shaper of all hejfly boards, drawing on his long and successful career as a developer and shaper. With his surf skills and his gift to perfectly implement the team’s visions in the new developments, he is largely responsible for the fantastic characteristics of our boards.




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